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How it works

The Ventchoke is an innovative system that is used to divert, reduce, or stop airflow completely. This innovation is designed to wrap around an existing ventilation duct and ensure that the people working in certain areas of an underground mine are receiving the maximum amount of quality air, while the other, un-manned areas of the mine are not wasting fresh air when it is not required.

The system allows for Secondary Ventilation Circuits (Vent Ducting) to be easily shutoff, and ventilation to be redirected to other active headings in the mine, by one person from the ground; this ease of use is very important to increase efficiency on the job.

The low pressure air (18-20 psi) fills the Ventchoke tube which applies an inward force on the ventilation ducting – this is done via a set air pressure regulator that is built into the Ventchoke. The pressure in the Ventchoke constricts the vent ducting and stops airflow through the ventilation. There is also a dump value on the Ventchoke for easy deflation when required. The Ventchoke takes approximately 30 – 50 seconds to inflate and runs with the same time efficiency when deflating.

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Available Sizes

The Ventchoke comes in three sizes suitable for all standard ventilation ducting systems. These sizes are colour coded as a visual representation:

Dark Grey



You can also request a custom made Ventchoke. Simply contact the UVS team to custom make your Ventchoke to the required size.

The Benefits

Adding Ventchokes to your mining project means that you will be able to achieve the ultimate goals for the job while looking after the team that work hard to meet them. The necessity of a working ventilation system is paramount, and having the Ventchoke on your team is just as essential.


Exceeds OH&S Standards


Quick to install


Increases Efficiency


Better Airflow to Workers

The Innovation Idea

The Ventchoke was an innovation of Darren Gilbertson who has spent decades of his career working in underground mining in Australia and overseas. Throughout his career, Darren was able to see the frustrations of equipment that didn’t meet the standards of the time.

One of these frustrations was the pulley system, as Darren experienced first hand and the effects of poor secondary ventilation and the inefficiencies this type of airflow management brought to the project.

When designing and manufacturing the Ventchoke system, Darren’s main concerns centred around the health and safety of the workers as well as the time and money savings a new innovation could provide. By supplying better ventilation with a system that is quick to install, easy to use, and robust enough to work in underground mining conditions, Darren knew he could improve every mine site with Ventchoke.

The Ventchoke has been designed and innovated over four years and has been through strict condition testing onsite. This product is completely unique and with the innovation patented globally there is nothing of its kind available on the market today.

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These testimonials come from the people who have added Ventchoke to their ventilation equipment.

The Venchoke is quick and easy to install, simple to use, and allows us to effectively direct airflow to where it is needed. It has become an important part of our ventilation management system.

Silver Lake Resources
Tim Davidson – Alt UG Manager

The Ventchoke works well, and is a proven and reliable duct inflatable choking device.

Tony Wigg – Sales Director

Ventchoke has challenged the underground mining sector to re-think the way we control Secondary Ventilation. It is a proven product that we use to help us deliver more air to working areas with less effort. This maximises the effectiveness of our ventilation systems, making the workplace safer for our employees.

Northern Star Resources Ltd.
Darren Stralow –  General Manager of Operations

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